Book Reading Benefits

5 Benefits Of Reading A Book

In this busy world we have, finding motivation to have the time to sit down and have a good read for length of time is hard. Believe it or not, average Americans are reading only 5 books per year. And with many people who are reading only on emails, text messages as well as social media posts, the benefit of reading are being re-reaped. However, there are many out there and it can surprise you still.


Number 1. Preventing Dementia as well as Alzheimer's


According to experts, it showed that doing things that are stimulating and creative like reading is capable of making your mind to function better and longer. Like exercise for the brain, brain stimulation helps in preventing signs of aging like the common diseases for old folks. Not only diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's can be prevented but at the same time, it can be avoided altogether in some cases.


Number 2. Boosts your Memory Retention


When you are reading books, you should keep all the characters and even the plotlines inside your head while you gather new information as you are turning pages. Truth is, this strengthens your brain synapses and doing more of this can help you remember more. To learn more about the benefits of book reading, you can visit


Number 3. Makes you become more Empathetic


When you are reading anything with point of view no matter if it's a novel, personal essay or a memoir, you put yourself in shoes of the narrator and seeing things in their perspective such as their good points, flaws and back story. This can help you actually to empathize with others.


Number 4. Eliminating Stress


Another known benefit of reading a book of Roland is the ability it has to reduce stress. When reading particularly an engaging and interesting piece, everything simply melts away. It is because of the reason that you would be more focused on the story or the information to which could help you to calm down and make you happier. And after you are done reading, you might be calm enough to deal with your problems and see things from a different angle.


Number 5. Alleviate Loneliness and other Signs of Depression


When you are reading a novel, you develop a relationship with the character of the book. And even though it exits on ink and paper, you are still connected with them. There are times that you are even in their head and this helps in relieving the feeling of loneliness since you feel that you're connected to the book's characters. Click here for some more facts.